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We're revolutionizing education technology in a healthy, screen-free and socially responsible way.

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We believe education technology should be shaped by children's needs

Reinventing education technology for kids starts with defining the proper  values to ensure that children's needs are put first.

Creative Play

We believe that kids should have the agency to bring their imaginations to life.


We believe there are too many screens and too much consumption.


Kids should focus on the people around them instead of devices.

Private and Safe

Kid tech should not listen, snoop or influence kids in any way. No ads, ever!

We're parents, educators, designers and developers committed to make learning fun

  • Kevin Elgan


    Founder + Imagineer
    Kevin is obsessed with the power of tech to transform learning. His previous companies, Tynker and Piper, were pivotal in the "learn to code" and "maker" movements, for millions of kids worldwide. Favorite childhood toy: Legos


    Brand Matador
    Nadia is a strong advocate for play-based learning and the Montessori method of education. As a mother, she strives for a  holistic and intentional way of parenting. Favorite childhood toy: Cardboard box and her imagination
  • William


    Circuit Ringmaster
    William is a CAD engineer at Intel with experience in circuit board design. As a professional tinkerer and former child, he values providing younger generations with the means to learn, innovate and create. Favorite childhood toy: Tamagotchi


    Top Drawer
    Joya is an illustrator and mama, and a strong believer in the power of making with our hands - art, tools, friends, and
    community. Favorite childhood toy: fairy house
    Real Life Chatterbox


    Real Life Chatterbox
    Cheeky (currently 3 years old) is Kevin's daughter and the inspiration for Chatterbox. She's our resident muse and guinea pig, constantly challenging us to improve Chatterbox. She currently holds the record as the youngest Chatterbox user. Favorite toy: Chatterbox

Leveling the playing field through education

Our team's collective experience has built educational software and hardware products used by people and schools all over the world.




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