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Kevin Elgan
April 2, 2020

Day 2: Talk like a Droid

This is day 2 of our 30-day skill challenge! Now that you understand the basics of listening and speaking, it's time to learn how to interact with your Chatterbox.

Repeat after me

Yesterday, we learned how to make Chatterbox listen for a key phrase. That key phrase or whatever else the user says is called an utterance. But sometimes, you want to say more than just the utterance. We call this the utterance remainder.

An utterance is the key phrase, anything else is called the utterance remainder

Both the utterance and the utterance remainder are handy tools for getting your Chatterbox to do things in skills. So handy, in fact, that there two blocks called "Variables" that are designed to remember what was said and also remember anything after the utterance.

Find the utterance and utterance remainder variables in the Variables category

Let's make a fun little skill to show you how the Utterance Remainder block remembers everything after the utterance. Try connecting the Utterance Remainder to a Speak block as pictured below.

What do you think will happen when you say "Chatterbox says hello world"?

Multiple Voices

Did you know that Chatterbox can speak with different voices? There's a special block that enables you to temporarily change Chatterbox's voice. It's called the Speak with Voice block.

The Speak with Voice block let's you temporarily change Chatterbox's voice.

You can use an unlimited number of voices in any given skill.

Example skill with multiple voices:

Challenge: May the Droid be with you...

Combine the blocks from the Chatterbox Says skill with the Speak with Voice block to teach your Chatterbox to speak the droid language like R2D2.

Try saying: "R2D2 says may the force be with you"

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