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AI generated art for kids,
powered by stable diffusion

Chatterbox puts the power of AI generated art in hands of students by creating a safe sandbox for students to practice crafting the perfect prompt. By tinkering with AI, they begin to explore the ethical implications of advanced technology.
approved for education

The only smart speaker that meets educational and privacy standards

Chatterbox makes it easy to build a deep foundation for STEAM literacy while increasing diversity, equity and inclusion for all students.

Learn to Code
Learning to code helps build problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
AI Literacy
Build AI literacy to give students a voice in the most disruptive technology in history.
Protects Privacy
Push to listen helps students understand privacy instead of surveillance tech.
Safe for Students
Unlike other smart speakers, Chatterbox contains no ads and no data collection.
How chatterbox works

Chatterbox is a talking computer that students can build and teach

Chatterbox combines hands-on building, assembling of electronics and digital coding to create the next generation of innovators.

Fold origami

Cardboard Origami

Build Chatterbox using easy to follow LEGO-like instructions to help students develop critical thinking skills while putting them in the problem solving mindset.

Assemble Electronics

Discover and learn about all the hardware required to transform a computer into a smart speaker that can listen and speak.
Assemble electronics

Teach it to Speak

Once assembled, Chatterbox is ready to learn. Teach using ChatterBlocks, a customized version of Google Blockly designed for coding voice skills.
crafting creativity

Unleash creativity

Students and teachers LOVE our high-quality cardboard because of its versatility for different projects. Refillable cardboard and reusable electronics means all students get the full build experience while making their favorite characters come to life.

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endless skills

your Classroom Assistant
made by students

Put students in charge of coding skills to solve problems around the school or in your classroom. We believe real-world learning is the best kind of learning.

comprehensive curriculum and tools

Coding + AI Literacy
Made easy for schools

Chatterbox has all the curriculum, tools and resources to teach a successful computer science program at your school.

Physical Building

Students learn how to make computers listen and speak by building a real smart speaker using easy to follow LEGO-like instructions.

Coding Curriculum

ChatterBlocks make it easy for students to code Chatterbox listen and respond to voice commands using web services and APIs.
Code blocks

AI Literacy

Artificial Intelligence is the most impactful technology in history. Students learn how to critically evaluate AI technologies in their lives.

Standards-aligned Lessons

Each self-guided lesson is designed to teach specific coding concepts while supporting and enhancing educational standards.

Collaborative Learning and Digital Citizenship

Chatterbox supports the Five C's of 21st Century Learning by empowering students to creatively work together to solve real-world community problems.


Integrate Chatterbox into your computer science class or put one in each classroom to have students build and teach a true educational assistant!
comprehensive learning

What do students learn with Chatterbox?

Future jobs will require skills and knowledge that go beyond coding to include hardware, communications, privacy and more.

By building Chatterbox, students learn how smart speakers work.
By teaching Chatterbox, students learn valuable coding skills.
By crafting conversations, students learn to communicate clearly with people.
By pressing the Chatterbox button to talk, students get used to privacy instead of surveillance.
By using Chatterbox, students build confidence while having fun creating interactive voice apps.
collaborative learning

Chatterbox turns students
into teachers

Learn by Teaching
Students learn programming concepts while teaching Chatterbox new skills.
Build Projects for Peers
Use Chatterbox for school projects. Turn class projects into conversational learning experiences for all.
flexible pricing

Flexible Options for every school

It's easy to integrate Chatterbox into a single classroom, your entire school or across your district.


Educational Assistant
1x Chatterbox Kit
1x Chatterbox Smart Speaker Kit
Chatterbox Basics course
Lifetime Device Updates
Standard Email Support
Raspberry Pi not included
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Collaborative Learning
Perfect for classrooms or after school programs.
3x Chatterbox Bundle
Raspberry Pi 4 included
30 Premium Curriculum Licenses
1 Hour Virtual Training
Premium Support
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AI Literacy for All
Ideal for makerspaces or for a Chatterbox in every classroom.
10x Chatterbox Bundle
Raspberry Pi 4 included
School-wide Curriculum Access (1 year)
Lifetime access to Chatterbox Basics unit plan
Lifetime Device Updates
Professional Development
Premium Support
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Customize Chatterbox based on your district needs and requirements.
Everything in School plus...
Custom private cloud
SIS Integration
Custom skill development
District-wide curriculum access
Curriculum integration projects
In-person Professional Development
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private by design

Privacy is a fundamental student right

By teaching Chatterbox how to listen and respond, students develop valuable life skills to help them understand how future technology will work.

Girl building a Chatterbox smart speaker

Not always

Students get used to privacy by understanding that Chatterbox only listens when you push the 'big yellow button.'
Respects privacy
No accidental listening

No data

Companies make money by collecting and selling data about you. Chatterbox doesn't collect data and protects you from snoopers.
No data collection
No data sharing
Fully anonymous


Chatterbox DOES NOT COLLECT any information about students for any purpose at all.

No user profiles
No marketing
No ads


Chatterbox has ZERO personally identifiable information. Schools are in charge of their own data.

No recording
Skills stored locally
No personally identifiable info

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people ❤️ Chatterbox!

  • "As technology CTO and mentor to lots of kids in robotics, one of my biggest challenges is explaining to people what AI and Machine Learning really can do. Chatterbox is a great way to demonstrate this to kids (and adults!), sparking interest in one of the most important technical revolutions in our lives."
    Steve P.
  • "Chatterbox is more than just an environmentally friendly, clever and cute DIY smart speaker. It’s that and so much more. It allows children to expand their creative thinking and personal interests in programming by connecting with AI on a new and secure platform."
    Sylvie R.
    Librarian and Media Specialist
  • "Artificial Intelligence is all around us. Giving children the opportunity to learn about how it works — and giving them the tools and power to create and control it — is an essential skill for our times. Chatterbox brilliantly enables such discoveries in a super fun way!"
    Doug T.
    Software Engineer and Grandpa
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