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Frequently Asked Questions

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What ages is Chatterbox for?

The recommended minimum age to use Chatterbox is 9 years old. Chatterbox's complexity grows with kids so there is no maximum recommended age.

What is Chatterbox?

Chatterbox is a build-it-yourself, program-it-yourself smart speaker that teaches kids how to program the computers of the future: the voice-based AI assistant.

Can you really teach kids about artificial intelligence?

Absolutely! Our youngest student that is making skills is currently 6 years old, while we have kids as young as 2 years old using special Chatterbox skills.

What is screen-free computing?

We believe that there's just too much technology these days. Too many screens, too many games and way too many distractions, without REAL, TANGIBLE learning outcomes and benefits that kids need. That's why Chatterbox is not dependent on a screen for everyday use.

Is it safe for kids?

You bet! Chatterbox respects privacy by only listening when you push the "listen" button, there is no personal data harvesting like Amazon Echo or Google Assistant, and we don't share information for any purpose period. If you have questions, chat us up at [email protected].
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