Privacy Policy

Effective Date: January 1, 2022

Privacy Policy

We don’t collect or share any personal information, PERIOD.

Your Chatterbox Smart Speaker does not collect or share personal information. The rest of this document will explain why this is important, and talk about the steps that we take to protect your privacy.


Information we never get

When you build, activate, teach and use Chatterbox, we do not collect any personal information from you via our products. We don’t know who you are and there is no way for us to link your requests to your device.

Information From Others

Our product does not use or have access to information about you from any other company, services or sources.

Information we throw away

There is some information we cannot avoid reaching our servers. In these specific situations, we don’t save this information.


Device Logs. We automatically log only the most basic information about your Chatterbox Smart Speaker to local logs on your Chatterbox device. For example, when using Chatterbox, we log system and skill errors to help improve the quality of our software and provide language localization. The logs can be sent from your Chatterbox to us, but only if you ask for this to happen. Logs are sent anonymously and not tied to your device. Logs contain only the 200 most recent lines of activity.


Location data (IP address or latitude and longitude) might be sent with certain location-based requests (such as requesting local weather). We do not store this data and do not link it with your device.


Recorded Speech. Chatterbox only listens when the big yellow button is pressed. Once pressed, audio is recorded for 10 seconds, then sent to Chatterbox servers for transcription. Recorded audio is never saved and only stored in memory for processing, then discarded.


Chatterbox Services. When you use our Services, your audio commands are transmitted to Chatterbox servers for processing. We do not store audio recordings or any metadata about your audio commands including time, transcripts, IP address or location.

Information we anonymize

Speech to Text. We anonymize all requests under a common “chatterbox” user. From the point of view of the speech-to-text provider, no metadata is provided or logged.


Text-to-speech. We anonymize all text-to-speech requests under a common “chatterbox” user. We do this to protect our users from use of private data by the text-to-speech or hackers.


Location Data. For location-based requests, location data (IP address or latitude and longitude) is used only to make the request and is never saved. We further anonymize all requests by interacting with the location data provider as “chatterbox,” rather than as individual Chatterbox users.


Triggers. Devices can subscribe to “triggers” sent from Chatterbox servers. These triggers are subscription only and we never associate location data with individual devices. We are able to keep a count of the total number of subscribed devices to each trigger, but have no personally identifiable information about users and devices.


Persistent Identifiers. Devices have unique identifiers. These can not be linked to you personally. We do not store any persistent identifiers that can be used across other sites or products.

Information we keep

We know if a device is online or not. Devices need to be paired with our server in order for Chatterbox services to process requests.


We store system notifications in a database for delivery when a device becomes online. This is done to ensure that devices receive software updates in a timely manner. We don’t have any information to tie devices to specific users.

Information Shared

We do not store or share personal information via our product. Our product does not utilize information from any other third-party services or sources.


We may share aggregated and/or anonymized data with others in the event that the company merges with another entity or is acquired by a parent company.

Use of Personal Information

We do not collect or store personal information via our product. This is in compliance with FERPA and COPPA standards in that we do not collect or utilize data related to educational records or personal identifiable information.


I, Kevin Elgan, am the founder of Chatterbox and personally wrote this privacy policy. If you have any questions or concerns, I would love to address them. Please email me at kevin@