Meet Chatterbox, the smart speaker that teaches

Chatterbox is a build-it-yourself and code-it-yourself smart speaker designed to give children a fun and safe playground to learn about technology.

Literacy in a Box

The only smart speaker APPROVED for education

Chatterbox makes it easy to build a deep foundation for STEAM literacy in a real world  environment while protecting student data and privacy.

    DIY Hardware

     Learn about the hardware components necessary to assemble a talking computer.

    Private by Design

    Unlike other smart speakers, Chatterbox only listens when you push the big yellow button.

    Coding Made Fun

    Learn to code interactive voice skills using kid-friendly visual code blocks.

    No Data Collection

    Our no-data-collection policy guarantees a safe digital playground for learning.

    AI Literacy

    By programming their own AI assistant, students gain a fluent understanding of A.I.

    Lesson Plans

    Lessons plans make it easy for ANY teacher to incorporate coding + AI literacy.

How Chatterbox works

Chatterbox is a talking computer that students can build and teach

Chatterbox combines hands-on building, assembling of electronics and digital coding to create the next generation of innovators.

Endless Skills

Your educational assistant, coded by students

Students learn to build all kinds of skills that they can use in and around the classroom to help with classroom participation, supplemental learning or even play educational games.

  • Pick a class volunteer.
  • Help me practice my vocabulary.
  • What's the weather?
  • Start a 10 minute class break.
  • What's the distance to the moon?
  • How many days until summer?
  • Start a five minute mindfulness session.
  • Pick three ideas for a writing prompt.
  • Explain photosynthesis like I'm 10 years old.
  • Play study music.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Tools

Coding + AI Literacy
Made Easy for Schools

Chatterbox has all the curriculum, tools and resources to teach a successful computer science program at your school.


Learn By Making

Problem solving right out of the box with visual assembly guide.


Code Using English

Chatterblocks make coding easy and intuitive for beginners.


Lesson Plans

Lesson plans and the portal make it easy to run your class.


Understand AI

Students gain AI literacy by learning to build skills with AI.

Learn Anywhere

Inspiring Innovaters Everywhere

Chatterbox is inspiring young minds everywhere to embrace innovation and develop AI literacy for a better tomorrow.

  • Home

    Chatterbox is perfect for self-guided exploration and learning at home. 

  • School

    School across the country are using Chatterbox to teach students about STEAM + AI.

  • Enrichment

    Everything to easily launch an afterschool program and summer AI camps in 2024*.

Flexible Options for all Schools

Flexible Pricing

Flexible pricing options make it easy for classrooms and schools of all sizes.


Generative AI for Students

Chatterbox provides a safe playground for students to use, build and experiment with generative AI. Our privacy and safety filters ensure that content is safe and appropriate, while protecting privacy from big tech companies.
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Frequently asked questions

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  • What is Chatterbox?

    Chatterbox is a build-it-yourself and program-it-yourself smart speaker that kids build to learn how technology works.

  • How can I use Chatterbox at my school?

    Chatterbox is currently used in schools and districts all over the country. It’s used in classroom settings as a general educational assistant or in an 8 week technology progression where students learn to code real-time programs using live data.

  • Do students need prior coding experience?

    No prior experience is necessary. Most technology available to students are “black boxes.” Chatterbox is designed to empower novices to understand how technology works by building it, then customize it by coding their own programs.

  • What do students create?

    Students can start coding simple programs exploring speech-to-text technology or advanced voice skills to look up live weather data. Students have even used Chatterbox for interactive school art projects.

  • How do they learn about artificial intelligence?

    Chatterbox makes artificial intelligence accessible in a safe and constructive environment. We put safeguards to