Chatterbox | A friendly voice assistant for teaching kids about artificial intelligence

What is Chatterbox?

A friendly voice assistant for teaching kids about artificial intelligence

Chatterbox is the first build-it-yourself, program-it-yourself smart speaker kit designed for kids to learn about artificial intelligence by creating their very own voice-activated skills.

Why Chatterbox?

Future-proof your child's education

Computers of the future will talk and listen and won't look like today's iPads or Chromebooks. Chatterbox is a fun way to prepare kids for the future by developing their ability to learn, adapt and problem-solve using speech technology.

future proof education

How does it work?

BUILD something real, LEARN something real

Chatterbox is a maker kit for children to build real technology to solve real problems in their everyday lives.

Problem solving right out of the box

Assembly is definitely required with this creator kit for kids. Chatterbox makes problem solving fun! Building a Chatterbox personal smart speaker is as easy as building a paper airplane.

build chatterbox -- your first smart speaker
program voice skills using Google blockly

Program your own voice skills

Using the easy-to-use Chatterbox Skill Builder, kids as young as seven can build unique skills to get the weather, ask questions, control lights or listen to music. Anything is possible!

Designed for learning, engineered for fun

Chatterbox is designed to give kids a practical learning environment where they can explore their unique creativity while developing both empathy and logic skills.

play with Chatterbox makes learning fun

What do kids learn?

Learn to build and program computers of the future

Chatterbox is a maker kit for children to build real technology to solve real problems in their everyday lives.

critical thinking skills
Critical Thinking

Learn to deconstruct problems to understand how things work.

empathy skills

Build communication skills by anticipating how other people ask questions.

problem solving skills
Problem Solving

Solve problems using real-time information from the internet.

Kids are creating amazing skills!

Learn to create real programs to control lights, keep in touch with grandparents and build voice controlled study aids to help with school assignments.

weather skill

Get the Weather

kid-friendly news skill

Kid-friendly News

timer skills


alarm skill


control smart lights

Control Lights

send messages skill

Send Messages

call skill

Call Mom

email skill

Message Teachers

send text message skill

Text Dad

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What's in the box?

Everything you need to build your own AI

Chatterbox is a maker kit that contains everything kids need to build and program their very own smart speaker AI assistant.

smart speaker kit

Child safety

Your child's privacy and safety is extremely important to us

chatterbox is not always listening
Not always listening

Chatterbox only listens when you push the wake button.

chatterbox does not collect data
No data collection

We respect your privacy.

No ads

We don't believe in ads and are strong advocates for a commercial-free childhood.

Have questions about our data protection policies? Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, or send us your questions at

Meet our team

We're educators, designers and developers commited to make learning fun

Our team's collective experience has built educational software and hardware products used by over 60 million people and 80 thousand schools worldwide.


Questions? We've got answers!

Chatterbox is a build-it-yourself, program-it-yourself smart speaker that teaches kids how to program the computers of the future: the voice-based AI assistant.
The recommended minimum age to use Chatterbox is 7 years old. Chatterbox's complexity grows with kids so there is no maximum recommended age.
Think of Chatterbox like a “smart” assistant that doesn't know it's smart yet. Chatterbox's abilities grow as kids learn to create new voice interactions using more advanced skills. Along the way, kids learn critical thinking skills, empathy and clear communication.
Absolutely! Our youngest student that is making skills is currently 6 years old, while we have kids as young as 2 years old using special Chatterbox skills.
We believe that there's just too much technology these days. Too many screens, too many games and way too many distractions, without REAL, TANGIBLE learning outcomes and benefits that kids need. That's why Chatterbox is not dependent on a screen for everyday use.
Socially conscious technology is technology that is respectful of children's attention and privacy. That's why we made Chatterbox to be screen-free computing, real world learning, and privacy focused and safe for kids. Chatterbox only listens when you press the listen button, doesn't contain any advertising and doesn't harvest personal data.
You bet! Chatterbox respects privacy by only listening when you push the "listen" button, there is no personal data harvesting like Amazon Echo or Google Assistant, and we don't share information for any purpose period. If you have questions, chat us up at
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