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Built for Education

Chatterbox is the only smart speaker that meets educational and privacy standards

Chatterbox makes it easy to build a deep foundation for STEAM literacy while increasing diversity, equity and inclusion for all students.


Learning to code helps build problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Artificial Intelligence

Build AI literacy to give students a voice in the most disruptive technology in history.


Push to listen helps students understand privacy rather than surveillance technology.


Unlike other smart speakers, Chatterbox contains no ads and no data collection.
Comprehensive Curriculum and Tools

AI Literacy Made Easy for schools

Chatterbox has all the curriculum, tools and resources to teach a successful computer science program at your school.

AI Coding 

Students learn how to code while learning how artificial intelligence works. Start with code blocks and graduate to Python programming.


Create classrooms with easy to follow guided learning so students can advance at their own pace.


The Chatterbox Learning Lab comes distance-ready so students can continue learning at school or at home.


Built-in quizzes reinforce learning and save time and effort evaluating student comprehension.


Chatterbox provide free and premium training options based on your needs. Regardless of coding experience, we'll support you earning the PD credits you need.


Chatterbox lessons are aligned with US standards and employ research-based practices for collaborative and active learning.

the only


It's an educational smart speaker for students to learn about artificial intelligence while building important life skills.
Private by Design

Privacy is a Fundamental Student Right

By teaching Chatterbox how to listen and respond, students develop valuable life skills to help them understand how modern technology works.
Girl building a Chatterbox smart speaker

Not Always Listening

Students get used to privacy by understanding that Chatterbox only listens when you push the 'big yellow button.'
Respects privacy
No accidental listening

No Data Collection

Smart speaker companies make money by collecting and selling data about you. Chatterbox doesn't collect data and protects you from snoopers.
No data collection
Identity protection
Privacy by proxy

COPPA Compliant

Chatterbox DOES NOT COLLECT any information about students for any purpose at all. 
No marketing
No ads
No user profiles

FERPA Compliant

Chatterbox has ZERO personally identifiable information. Schools are in charge of their own data.
Skills stored locally
Custom Assistant options for districts
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Flexible options for schools and districts of any size.


Classroom Assistant
1 X Chatterbox Smart Speaker
Chatterbox Smart Speaker Kit
Chatterbox Basics Curriculum (Lifetime)
Lifetime Device Updates
Raspberry Pi Not Included
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Learning Lab

Collaborative Learning
3 X Chatterbox Smart Speakers
3x Chatterbox Kits
30 Curriculum Licenses (Lifetime)
Lifetime Device Updates
1 Hour Virtual Training
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AI Magnet
10+ Chatterbox Smart Speakers
10x Chatterbox Kits
School-wide Curriculum Access (1 year) -- $199 value
Lifetime Device Updates
Spare Parts
Professional Development
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AI Literacy for All
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Chatterbox for Every Classroom
Custom Assistant for District (optional)
Specialized SIS Integration (optional)
District-wide Curriculum Access
Lifetime Device Updates
Live Professional Development
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People LOVE Chatterbox!

  • Expands creative thinking
    Chatterbox is more than just an environmentally friendly, clever and cute DIY smart speaker. It’s that and so much more. It allows children to expand their creative thinking and personal interests in programming by connecting with AI on a new and secure platform. 
    Sylvie R.
    Media Specialist
  • Chatterbox teaches essential skills
    Artificial Intelligence is all around us. Giving children the opportunity to learn about how it works — and giving them the tools and power to create and control it — is an essential skill for our times. Chatterbox brilliantly enables such discoveries in a super fun way!
    Doug T.
    Software Engineer
  • Chatterbox makes it easy to understand AI
    As technology CTO and mentor to lots of kids in robotics, one of my biggest challenges is explaining to people
    what AI and Machine Learning really can do. Chatterbox is a great way to demonstrate this to kids (and adults!),
    sparking interest in one of the most important technical revolutions in our lives.
    Steve P.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chatterbox?

Chatterbox is a build-it-yourself smart speaker that teaches kids how to program the computers of the future: the voice-based AI assistant.

Our goal is to educate children to provide them with a solid foundation in coding, artificial intelligence and critical thinking skills to prepare them for the future of work.

Do I need experience or training to use Chatterbox with my students?

Absolutely not! Chatterbox is designed for the complete novice, but can even challenge the most seasoned developers with Python programming. There's something for everyone!

Chatterbox curriculum provides FUN and EASY to follow lessons that can get anyone teaching their own smart assistant in minutes.

Do my students need prior coding experience?

Not at all! Students teach Chatterbox how to listen and speak using basic communication principles such as WHEN I HEAR "Hello World," SPEAK "Hello world to you too!"

Is there professional development or training opportunities?

Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of free webinar training opportunities.

We include a free virtual training session with every purchase of Chatterbox Learning Lab and School bundles. For District purchases, we offer several in-person professional development options.

How can I use Chatterbox at my school?

Chatterbox curriculum teaches kids the fundamentals of coding and voice skill design. Chatterbox can be used to supplement classroom learning or as a project-based learning program. 

Our team members have trained thousands of schools and teachers all over the world and are happy to do a free consultation for your school.

Schedule your free consultation by emailing: [email protected].

What do my students learn?

Chatterbox curriculum is designed to teach students computational thinking as well as the fundamentals of coding and voice-enabled AI. Along their journey, they'll be developing their critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills.

How does Chatterbox support learning in other subject areas?

Chatterbox supports learning in a range of subject areas. Students can use Chatterbox to demonstrate their mastery of topic areas in coding, social studies, science, math and so much more.

Additional questions?

We'd love to answer them! Email us or schedule a free consultation with an education specialist.

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