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Chatterbox is seeking talented, creative and eager interns to join our development team. In this role, you will play a key role in the design and development of key-aspects of our educational smart speaker, designed to teach programming and AI literacy concepts intuitively to kids in K-12 schools.


In this position, you will be working with our team to design and implement visual coding primitives and integrate with APIs and smart home devices and more. You will discuss and learn about best practices from senior developers and designers while building educational experiences using ChatterBlocks, Python and Javascript programming languages.


About Chatterbox

We're a public benefit company that was created as a way to give kids a more engaging introduction to programming and AI literacy. We are committed to a social mission to bring STEAM + AI literacy education to kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. We're currently used in over 1000 schools across the US.

If interested, please send us your resume and portfolio to jobs at hellochatterbox dot com

We are so honored to have mentioned by Leo Laporte on the BEST TECH PODCAST to have ever existed: This Week in Tech!

Make sure to listen to the entire episode, especially the Google I/O review as well as the ethical implications of AI that they announced this past week such as: morphing fakes, the problem with AI agent authority and the problems with giving AI human-like voice responses.

It's these ethical AI issues that inspired us to create Chatterbox to provide kids with the AI literacy education to succeed in the 21st century. Check it out today!

We are so grateful to have been mentioned on our FAVORITE podcast This Week in Tech! Many thanks to Leo Laporte and Owen JJ Stone for the mention and Mike Elgan for the incredible plug.

As mentioned on the show, the Chatterbox Cyber Monday special is going on all week! Use code CYBERMONDAY at checkout for 25% off your order until December 6th, 2020 (or while supplies last).

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