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Chatterbox Smart Speaker


The Chatterbox Smart Speaker Kit includes everything needed to supercharge your Raspberry Pi computer (not included) into a screen-free computer that you can talk to.

* Raspberry Pi not included. Requires Raspberry Pi 4.
** Raspberry Pi 4 power supply included.

Chatterbox Smart Speaker

Bundle your Chatterbox order with a Raspberry Pi 4

Chatterbox Smart Speaker & Raspberry Pi 4 Bundle


The Chatterbox Smart Speaker Kit and Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB) bundle contains everything you need to build a fully functional smart speaker that you can teach!

Chatterbox Bundle Features:

  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • Chatter HAT expansion board
  • Chatter MIC board
  • Speaker
  • Arcade Button + LED Switch
  • Power Supply
  • 32GB MicroSD card with ChatterOS
  • Cardboard Origami Case

Looking for education bundles?

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Chatterbox Classroom Bundle


Perfect for classrooms or after school programs.

Chatterbox Bundle Features:

  • 3x Chatterbox Bundle
  • Raspberry Pi 4 included
  • 30 Premium Curriculum Licenses (1 year)
  • Lifetime access to Chatterbox Basics unit plan
  • Lifetime Device Updates
  • 1 Hour Virtual Training
  • Premium Support

Chatterbox School Bundle


Ideal for makerspaces or for a Chatterbox in every classroom.

Chatterbox Bundle Features:

  • 10x Chatterbox Bundle
  • Raspberry Pi 4 included
  • School-wide Curriculum Access (1 year)
  • Lifetime access to Chatterbox Basics unit plan
  • Lifetime Device Updates
  • Professional Development
  • Premium Support

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Build Real Technology

Chatterbox is a build-it-yourself kit to learn how technology works.
Chatterbox parts

Cardboard Origami

Build visual problem solving skills by crafting the cardboard case based on easy to follow instructions.

Understand Electronics

Learn how current technology like smart speakers work by building one from scratch.

Customize it

Draw a face, color the box or give it cardboard arms to customize your own Chatterbox.

Learn to Code by Teaching

Chatterbox is the only educational assistant that ANYONE can teach and program how to listen, talk and respond to commands.

Chatterbox is the student

Chatterbox can only do what you teach it to do. Set up magic words to control lights, play music, message friends and family... Anything is possible!

Learn to Code through English

The best way to learn is to teach. Program Chatterbox using basic English commands like "when I hear" and "speak."

Build Communication Skills

Build information processing skills by anticipating how other people communicate and ask questions.

What can Chatterbox do?

Chatterbox has pre-built extensions or "abilities" that make it simple to create real programs that people use everyday.


Make skills that use real-time weather data to remind you when it's going to rain.


Replace the need for a smartphone by teaching your Chatterbox to "text mom" or "call grandpa."


Play your favorite music or teach your Chatterbox to wake you up to your favorite song.


Connect your email to send email messages to friends, family or even your teacher.


Teach Chatterbox how to look up word definitions, fun facts or build skills to help you study for exams.


Write interactive games and stories that you can share with your friends and family.


Teach Chatterbox to gently wake you up with motivating messages, music or by automatically turning on lights.


Build healthy habits by programming Chatterbox to remind you to brush your teeth or finish your chores.


Use your imagination to super charge Chatterbox's abilities and powers. The possibilities are endless!

What's in the kit?

Chatterbox has everything needed to build a smart speaker that you can teach.
ChatterHAT expansion board
ChatterMIC dual microphone board
Large Arcade Button and Switch
Power supply
32GB MicroSD card with ChatterOS
Cardboard origami case
Wireless updates
Raspberry Pi 4B *optional add-on
*Raspberry Pi 3B or 3B+ required, not included.
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