Why we’re discounting Chatterbox for kids affected by school closures

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Kevin Elgan

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The coronavirus is affecting everyone, including kids. Schools are closing across the nation and around the world. The closures could remain in effect for months. 

While kids are unable to attend classes, they also may be prevented from going outside and spending time with friends. 

Naturally these curious minds will gravitate to TV screens, video games and passive entertainment on YouTube and social networks. 

That’s why we encourage kids to build and teach a Chatterbox during the shutdown. As further encouragement, we’re discounting Chatterbox by 15%. Just use the promo code KEEPLEARNING at checkout if you’re buying a Chatterbox for a child affected by school closure. 

Chatterbox is a self-teaching educational product (kids learn by teaching Chatterbox how to talk and act), that’s fun to build and program. Kids can spend unlimited hours learning vital life skills, such as problem solving, language skills, empathy and logic.

Unlike commercial smart speakers, as well as TVs, smartphones, tablets and other media — which teach kids to be passive consumers — Chatterbox teaches kids to be active makers, creators, designers and builders. 

Even though school is out around the world, the learning must go on. Don’t let coronavirus get in the way of children’s education.

Stay healthy and wash your hands!

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