Why all schools should teach AI Literacy

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Kevin Elgan

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AI for Everyone
AI for Everyone

Artificial intelligence is reshaping society, medicine, industry and the future of work. 

Today’s toddlers are the first generation to grow up without any memory of the world before AI. Kids are growing up learning to talk to smart speakers, use facial recognition with Snapchat filters to generate social memes and ride in their parents’ semi-autonomous cars. 

For today’s kids, AI is normal. But do they understand what it is? How it works? How to use it? How to create with it? 

Today’s consumer AI products are not teaching kids how AI works, nor preparing them for the advanced future of AI they will encounter all their lives. 

That’s why we created Chatterbox, the smart speaker that teaches kids AI literacy. 

Chatterbox helps drive diversity, equity and inclusion in AI by helping K-12 schools easily integrate AI learning experiences into classrooms with easy-to-implement curriculum. And it’s fun! Kids love building a Chatterbox, then teaching it how to respond. 

Our curriculum provides problem-based learning scenarios in which students build and teach a smart speaker assistant how to solve real world problems. Chatterbox’s collaborative curriculum addresses student needs, supports classroom learning and aligns with national science and computer science standards.

By allowing students to explore and learn about AI, they begin to understand the benefits and consequences that AI can have on society, ethics and daily life while on their journey preparing for future STEM jobs.

Want to know how Chatterbox can drive AI Literacy at your school? Contact us today!

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